How Much Can I Make?

Technicians earn an average payout of $55 - $200 depending on their skillset and availability

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Calculations are based on the average of $54 per job.


Daily Earnings

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Yearly Earnings

x 52 weeks (312 days)


Weekly Earnings

x 7 day


Monthly Earnings

x 28 day


**Earnings are rough averages and can vary depending on the season, contractors’ location, etc.

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Join Our Handyman Company as an Independent Contractor - Unlock Your Success

Are you an independent handyman with a passion for your craft? Here's why you should consider partnering with FixTman company as an independent contractor and unlock your path to success:
1. Be Your Own Boss: As an independent contractor, you have the freedom to be your own boss. You set your schedule and determine the projects that align with your expertise. 2. Expansive Opportunities: Partnering with FixTman opens doors to a wide range of projects. We provide you with an array of assignments to choose from, ensuring a steady flow of work. 3. Financial Control: You have control over your earnings. Your hard work is directly reflected in your income, allowing you to realize your financial goals. 4. Valuable Support: While you're independent, you're not alone. We offer support and resources to help you succeed. From marketing assistance to project coordination, we've got your back. 5. Endless Growth: The handyman industry is thriving, and by partnering with FixTman, you become part of an ever-expanding network with boundless growth potential. 6. Customer Satisfaction: We're dedicated to delivering top-quality services, and as an independent contractor, you play a pivotal role in creating satisfied customers. 7. Shape Your Journey: FixTman is on an exciting journey of growth. As an independent contractor, you can shape your own path and be a part of our bright future.
Don't miss the chance to become an independent contractor with FixTman company. Partner with FixTman and unlock a journey to success where you have the freedom to thrive on your terms. Join a supportive community that values your expertise and provides the resources you need. Your journey to success begins here.
Boundless Growth Potential: Partnering with FixTman unlocks continuous development avenues. Whether you're an established contractor or starting fresh, our platform ensures there's always room for growth, supported by our team.
Competitive Compensation Structure: We understand the value of your hard work. Our compensation model offers better commission rates or percentages compared to other handyman companies, ensuring you're fairly rewarded for your skills and efforts.