Build A New Hangout Outside Your Home

We assemble & disassemble outdoor furnitures, patio, playset, gazebo and more.

Our Fixtman technician are not only fit for the job but we made sure that we have recruited one of the best that has wide range of expertise on fixing complex furniture, chair, patio and other overwhelming installations. Now, you can rest assured that there will be someone who can take the heavy for you in no time. From setting up a garden furniture, wooden swing, playset up to installing massive gazebos. FixTman Independent Subcontractor is definitely your guy!

Outdoor Furniture Assembly
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Assembly of the furniture on the location Professional assembly Following manufacturer's instructions for proper assembly Discarding trash in the property's designated trash bin

You Asked, We Answered

Does the tech bring the extra tools or items needed for assembly/disassembly?

No, the technician doesn’t bring any additional items needed for the service. The customer is supposed to provide everything needed to carry out the service.

Does the technician assembly/disassemble the item even if the furniture is faulty/broken?

In such cases, as per our protocol, the technician is asked to leave the location, the customer is informed, and a rescheduled appointment is booked until the customer gets the replacement.

How much time does it take for the service?

It depends on the complexity of the item we cannot determine beforehand how much time the service will take.

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Why Hire FixTman?

Fixtman technician are all experienced even with the most complicated service. We’ve recruited the best technician around your area to give you the most help you need and ensure quality service. No more taking all the heavy work alone but instead you can have a peace of mind that Fixtman has your back from TV Wall Mounting up to upgrading to your Smart Home.

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