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We assemble & disassemble outdoor furnitures, patio, playset, gazebo and more.
We've recruited the best technicians with the widest range of expertise, assembling complex furniture sets and completing other overwhelming installations. With our outdoor furniture assembly service, you can rest assured you'll always have someone to do the heavy lifting. From setting up outdoor furniture and wooden swings to installing massive gazebos, a FixTman independent subcontractor is the best choice.
Outdoor Furniture Assembly


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Outdoor Furniture Assembly to Simplify Your Life

With FixTman on the job, there's no more wondering about which part goes where or why there are leftover screws. Our experienced handymen take the worry out of outdoor furniture assembly. You know your furniture will be assembled the right way the first time around.

Outdoor Furniture Assembly on Your Schedule

Tell us the best day and time for your outdoor furniture assembly, and our trusty technician will be there on time, ready to go. There's no waiting around with FixTman. Our handymen are prompt and complete the job quickly and efficiently.

What's Included in Our Outdoor Furniture Assembly

Assembly of the furniture on the location Professional assembly Following manufacturer's instructions for proper assembly Discarding trash in the property's designated trash bin

Outdoor Furniture Assembly for Your Specific Needs

Whatever your purchase, our expert technicians have the skills to deliver the outdoor furniture assembly you need. We have extensive expertise in assembling:

A World of Outdoor Equipment Assembly at Your Fingertips

FixTman offers so much more than outdoor furniture assembly. Our experienced technicians provide outdoor equipment assembly for a wide range of features, including:Planning a special event? We can set up your tents so you're ready for the big day, rain or shine.


The basics you need to know

The Basics You Need to Know

The handyman market, estimated at $390.9 million, is huge, and it can be hard to know who to trust. But FixTman is here to provide accurate, reliable answers to your questions about outdoor furniture assembly. Read on to learn more.

Does the tech bring the extra tools or items needed for assembly/disassembly?

No, the technician doesn't bring any additional items needed for the service. The customer is supposed to provide everything needed to carry out the service.

Does the technician assemble/disassemble the item even if the furniture is faulty/broken?

In such cases, as per our protocol, the technician is asked to leave the location, the customer is informed and a rescheduled appointment is booked once the customer gets the replacement.

How much time does it take for the service?

It depends on the complexity of the item. We cannot determine beforehand how much time the service will take.

Do I need to provide tools, or will the professional bring them?

The professional arriving at your location will bring all the necessary tools for furniture assembly. However, it's important that the furniture itself is accompanied by all the required parts for the assembly process.

Will my professional remove old furniture?

The furniture assembly service does not encompass the removal of old furniture.

Is it customary to tip furniture assembly professionals?

Tipping furniture assembly professionals is a personal choice. If you feel that the service provided was exceptional and you want to show appreciation, offering a tip is a common practice. The amount is discretionary and can vary based on factors like the complexity of the assembly, the quality of service and your satisfaction.

Do the assemblers handle moving the boxes and furniture?

We do not offer any moving services. We assume the items are already in the designated assembly area.

Do you provide any haul away?

We do not provide haul-away services for items. Please arrange for proper disposal of items separately if needed.

What is your pricing structure based on an hourly rate?

Regardless of the hourly rate provided, our minimum charge is equivalent to one hour of service.

Can you provide furniture repairs for me?

We do not offer any repair or customization services for furniture.

Do you provide any pickup or delivery?

We do not provide pickup, delivery or haul away.

Beyond Outdoor Furniture Assembly

Outdoor furniture assembly is just the beginning of creating an ideal hangout space in your backyard or patio. To truly bring this area to life, consider adding a few extra elements that can make it functional but also inviting and comfortable. Here are some suggestions to turn your outdoor space into the ultimate relaxation zone.Start with lighting. Adding string lights or solar lanterns can make a big difference when the sun goes down. They provide a warm glow that can set a relaxed mood for late-night conversations or gatherings. You don't need to go overboard; even a few well-placed lights can make a big difference.Next, think about plants and greenery. Potted plants or hanging baskets can add a touch of nature to your space. Choose low-maintenance plants like succulents or flowers that can withstand the outdoor elements. If you have the room, small trees in pots can offer shade and make your outdoor area feel more like a secluded retreat.Comfort is key. Add cushions to your chairs, and consider getting an outdoor rug to make the space more cozy. These additions are not just for comfort; they also provide an opportunity to introduce color and patterns that can make the area more visually appealing.Sound can also play a role. A small, waterproof Bluetooth speaker can provide background music that helps set the tone for your gatherings. Keep the volume low so it doesn't overpower conversations but loud enough to mask any street noise.Finally, think about utility items like a side table or a storage box. A side table can hold drinks, books or a bowl of snacks, making the space more functional. A storage box, on the other hand, can keep cushions dry when it rains and hold any outdoor games or accessories when they're not in use.By adding these elements, you'll not only have a functional space courtesy of your outdoor furniture but also a relaxing and inviting hangout spot for everyone to enjoy.

Why Hire FixTman?

FixTman technicians are all experienced with even the most complicated service. You get the help you need, backed by an unparalleled attention to detail. With FixTman, you're never on your own. You get peace of mind, knowing we have your back. Whether it's assembling a single chair or installing a fire pit, you can rely on our outdoor equipment and furniture assembly services.

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