Handyman Wall Hanging Services

Find a handyman for hanging pictures who can save you time and money. FixTman's picture-hanging services take the hassle out of hanging mirrors and pictures, whether you're decorating your first home, remodeling your office or redecorating your existing home. Our skilled technicians will install something spectacular just for you!
Wall Hanging Installation


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Picture-Hanging Services You Can Trust

Whether you need a mirror or art hanging service, FixTman is here for you. Our professional handymen will complete your picture-hanging services quickly and efficiently. They'll ensure your pictures and mirrors are level and secure.

Speedy Wall-Hanging Service

When you're hiring someone to hang pictures, you don't want to wait around all day. With FixTman's wall-hanging service, you can pick the best day and time for your schedule , often on the same day you contact us. Our skilled technicians will get right to work, providing the art or mirror hanging service you need.


Planning and consultation to find the ideal place for hanging your picture Mounting and installation under the height of 10 feet Measurements and leveling for an accurate and secure installation One professional will hang items weighing below 30 pounds One professional will hang items six feet and under Two professionals will hang items between 6 and 10 feet Cleaning up debris after installation

A Wide-Ranging Wall-Hanging Service

FixTman's expert subcontractors have done it all, from hanging a single mirror to installing a complex arrangement of images. All the work is done to your specifications, so you'll be able to enjoy the results of our wall-hanging service for years to come. We assist with a broad array of projects, including:There's no project too big or too small for us to handle.

Picture-Hanging Services Simplified

Hiring someone to hang pictures has never been easier. Working with FixTman means you're the boss. Need picture-hanging services ASAP in the morning or maybe a few weeks from now? No worries! FixTman connects you with the perfect tech for the task. Just punch in your ZIP code, choose your service and there you go — you're matched with the top-notch techs around your area. They'll make your space look amazing!

A Wall-Hanging Service Beyond Your Imagination

No matter what area of your home or office needs work, FixTman provides the wall-hanging service you want. If you can describe it, we can hang it. Our skilled contractors can work with you to create the installation of your dreams. Over the years, they've installed:


The basics you need to know

The Basics You Need to Know About Picture-Hanging Services

Estimated at $390.9 million, the handyman service market is big, and finding the right person for your job can be tricky. But FixTman's have the skill and expertise to complete your picture-hanging services. Read the following to learn more.

Is the price charged on an hourly or piece basis?

We charge our customers based on each item that is required to be hung.

What is the maximum size of the item the technician can hang?

If the item's weight is below 30 pounds, one technician can handle the job. If it's more than 30 pounds, it requires two technicians.

Is there such a thing as a professional picture hanger?

Yes, a professional picture hanger like a FixTman technician will ensure your item is hung level and secure.

Picture-Hanging Services and So Much More

FixTman technicians provide much more than just picture-hanging services. They're skilled at a wide range of projects inside and outside your home. When you hire a FixTman subcontractor, you can get:

Why Hire FixTman for Your Picture-Hanging Service?

FixTman technicians are all experienced with even the most complicated installations. We've gathered the best pros around your area to assist you and ensure the highest quality service. You no longer have to tackle demanding projects on your own. Get the peace of mind you want with our professional picture-hanging services. When you hire FixTman, you get:

A skilled technician

24/7 Customer Support

Affordable & Fair Pricing

30-Day Service Warranty Guaranteed

we hire gif

Find the Picture-Hanging Services You Want Today

If you're hiring someone to hang pictures, you can't go wrong with a FixTman technician. Our subcontractors are skilled at mounting artwork, clocks, mirrors and just about anything you'd want to put on a wall. Backed by round-the-clock support, we provide picture-hanging services you can rely on. Find a tech in your area now:

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