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Unboxing appliance Installation and securing the appliance to its place Connecting the appliance to the pre-existing electric and plumbing Testing the appliance to ensure optimal functionality Discarding trash into property's designated trash bin Cleaning the work area's debris

You Asked, We Answered

Can the size of the installation of the new item be different than the previous item?

No, the size of the new item shall be the same as the size of the old item. In the case of window ACs, if the size of the new AC is bigger than the size of the old AC, there will be an additional charge of $100 for alteration and $20 for materials.

Does it take one or two technicians for combi items?

It takes two technicians for items that are large and heavy and there is an additional charge for an additional technician

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Fixtman technician are all experienced even with the most complicated service. We’ve recruited the best technician around your area to give you the most help you need and ensure quality service. No more taking all the heavy work alone but instead you can have a peace of mind that Fixtman has your back from TV Wall Mounting up to upgrading to your Smart Home.

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