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You can't go wrong with our appliance installation technicians. They are the best in the business. They are skilled in installing a variety of appliances, including cooktops, ovens, dryers, and washers. You name it, we install it. You can trust our techs to get the job done right.
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When you have new appliances, installation can be overwhelming. Our independent appliance installers take the worry out of the process. Their commitment to professionalism sets us apart.FixTman subcontractors are highly trained experts who bring years of experience to every job. They arrive on time dressed professionally and ready to get to work. We understand the importance of respecting your home and space, so we take every precaution to leave your property in the same condition as when we arrived.Our appliance installation experts have experience with a wide range of machines, including:Their expertise extends to installing double ovens, washer-dryer combos, refrigerators, and so much more. You can entrust your appliance's installation to the FixTman team.

Dependable, Reliable Appliance Installation

When it comes to appliances, installation is the name of our game. Our seasoned subcontractors have years of experience under their belts and are ready to share their expertise with you. FixTman is proud of its network of independent appliance installers who bring a treasure trove of knowledge to every job. Their mastery of the trade is invaluable, enabling them to overcome challenges with any appliance installation.

Their extensive tenure also instills an unmatched level of professionalism and customer care. Our expert technicians understand they're not just installing an appliance but helping turn your house into a home. Whether it's a single appliance or an entire kitchen or laundry room, our team approaches each task with the necessary dedication and thoroughness.

What's Included in Our Appliance Installation

Unboxing appliance Installation and securing the appliance to its place Connecting the appliance to the pre-existing electric and plumbing Testing the appliance to ensure optimal functionality Discarding trash into property's designated trash bin Cleaning the work area's debris

How to Select an Independent Appliance Installer

Identifying the best independent appliance installer is essential to ensure your appliances are installed correctly and safely. Here are some key factors to consider:
  • Experience: Look for installers with a proven track record. Experience is a reliable indicator of their ability to handle various appliances and installation challenges. Ask for reviews to gauge their competence.
  • Licensing and certification : Ensure the installer is properly licensed and certified. This validates their expertise and adherence to industry standards. It also provides peace of mind that they are aware of safety regulations.
  • Prompt scheduling : Time is often of the essence when it comes to appliance installations. Choose an installer who can schedule the service at a convenient time for you and stick to the agreed-upon timeline.
  • Reputation and reviews : Check online reviews. A good installer will have positive feedback and a reputation for delivering quality service.
  • Communication skills : Effective communication is essential. An installer should be able to explain the installation process clearly and answer any questions you may have. They should also be responsive to your inquiries.
  • Local knowledge : Opt for an installer who is familiar with local building codes and regulations. This ensures that the installation complies with local laws.
Selecting the right independent appliance installer is a critical step in ensuring the proper functioning of your appliances. By considering the factors above, you can make an informed choice that will lead to a successful and hassle-free appliance installation.


The basics you need to know


What You Need to Know About Appliance Installation?

As a leader in the $390.9 million handyman market, FixTman has the answers you're looking for. Read the following questions for the appliance installation information you need.

Can the Size of the New Appliance Be Different From the One It's Replacing?

The size of the new and existing appliances must be the same. In the case of window air conditioners, for example, if the size of the new AC is bigger than the old one, there will be an additional charge of $100 for alterations and $20 for materials.

Do Combo Items Require One or Two Technicians?

It takes two technicians for items that are large and heavy, and there is an additional charge for the additional technician.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Refrigerator?

The time it takes to install a refrigerator varies, depending on its size and location.

Why Choose FixTman for Your Appliance's Installation?

Your appliance's installation requires the best, and that's exactly what you get with FixTman. We've recruited your area's top independent appliance installers to ensure smooth, efficient service. When you hire a FixTman subcontractor, you get:

Technicians With Proven Track Records

Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Affordable, Fair Pricing

30-Day Service Warranty Guaranteed

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Trust Your Appliance's Installation to FixTman

Don't end up with a DIY headache with your appliance's installation. Contact FixTman and hire an able professional with the skills to get the job done quickly and efficiently. You can rely on the expertise of our independent appliance installers. We offer quality services and a level of care you can't find elsewhere. Find a technician in your area now:

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