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TV Wall Mounting Service for the Perfect Experience

Mounting your TV on a wall is an ideal way to get the most from your television. But wall-mounting a TV can be challenging. Let FixTman take the burden off your hands. Our expert technicians will have your TV up and in place in no time.

Why Choose a TV Wall Mounting Service?

TVs are expensive, and a TV wall mounting service helps protect your investment.. A wall-mounted television is out of the way of pets and kids, and when you let a pro handle the details, you don't have to worry about dings, scrapes, or drops.

A TV Hanging Service You Can Trust

When you choose FixTman for your TV hanging service, you know you're getting the best in the business. Our dependable professionals have all the expertise you expect from industry leaders. If you want wall mounting for a tv, our service can't be beaten.


TV unboxing Mounting and securing the TV on the wall Connecting all wires to the TV Cleaning the work area and Debris

You Asked, We Answered

As a player in the $390.9 million handyman service market, FixTman is uniquely positioned to provide the information you need. Read the following questions for the answers you're looking for.

What do you include in your TV mounting service?

As part of our TV mounting service, we:
  • Select the perfect TV placement according to your preference.
  • Mount the customer-provided TV on the bracket, including add-ons if necessary.
  • Hide or connect the wires of additional devices for the mounted TV (programming or setup services are not included).

What must I do before my TV wall mounting appointment?

Please ensure the TV, remote, and power cord are ready in the room where you want it mounted. If any objects or obstacles would be in the way and blocking the technician's access, please make sure to move them before the appointment.

Where should I get my TV wall mounted?

You may already have an idea of where you want the TV mounted. Once the technician arrives, they can assist you with your decision by checking several factors such as the location of the outlet, the location of wall studs so your TV will be mounted in the safest way, whether you want to be sitting, standing, or lying down when watching TV, etc.

Do I have the right type of walls for mounting a TV?

It's essential to identify the wall type while you're booking your service with us to ensure our technician will be able to install your TV. Before mounting the TV, the technician will check the mounting area for its condition and studs. The technician will then discuss the circumstances with you. Additional costs or other considerations may apply if necessary.

Why do I need help mounting my flat-screen TV on the wall?

TVs can be delicate, heavy, and expensive, but our experienced independent subcontractors can ensure the safest installation and find the perfect spot for your TV.

What to Consider Before TV Installation on a Wall?

Before proceeding with your TV installation on a wall, you must select the correct mount for your space. You generally have three choices:
  • Fixed mount: This low-profile option attaches nearly flush to the wall, accentuating the sleek lines of your flat-screen TV. They're best when the TV must be at a fixed height and positioned close to the wall.
  • Tilt mount: Choose this version when you want to tilt your TV up or down for better viewing from a bed, couch, or floor. They're useful when reflections from lighting or windows interfere with TV viewing.
  • Full-motion mount: Choose this mount when you want something that can tilt, extend, retract, and swivel in all directions. The best choice for many homes, they're ideal when you want multiple viewing positions.

Television Wall Mounting for Any Space

Our experienced technicians can provide television wall mounting for any location in your house. Whether it's over a fireplace, between two windows or someplace completely different, our pros have the expertise to get the job done. They can handle a wide range of surfaces, including brick and concrete. Wall-mounting a TV isn't just for the family room. We can install and mount your television anywhere — the kitchen, home theater, bedroom, man cave, home gym, basement, garage, bathroom, or more. You're only limited by your imagination.

Beyond a TV Mounting Service

With FixTman, you get so much more than a TV mounting service. Our professional technicians are experts in a broad array of projects. You can count on them for any task, including:

Everything You Need for Mounting a TV on a Wall

Mounting a TV on a wall entails more than just placing the television. An often-ignored aspect of DIY TV installations is wire management. Unorganized cables not only detract from the clean, sleek look of a wall-mounted TV but also pose a tripping hazard. Our professional installers provide expert wire concealing services, either hiding them behind the wall or neatly organizing them, enhancing the overall look and safety of your living space.


The basics you need to know

Why Choose FixTman for Your Professional TV Mounting?

FixTman sets itself apart by offering reliable, professional TV wall mounting services. From the initial consultation to the final adjustments, the focus is on customer satisfaction. Using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, FixTman pros ensure your TV is not just securely mounted but also positioned for the best possible viewing experience. They leave you with a clean, clutter-free setup.

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Get Professional TV Mounting Services Today From FixTman

Contact FixTman today and secure the professional TV mounting services you want. You can depend on our trusty pros for a quick, efficient installation. Find an independent subcontractor in your area now:

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