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TV unboxing Mounting and securing the TV on the wall Connecting all wires to the TV Cleaning the work area and Debris

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What's included in the TV Wall Mounting services?
  • Inspecting perfect placement for TV mounting according to your preference.

  • 1x Mounting Bracket, 1x customer supplied TV on the bracket and add-ons if necessary.

  • Hiding or connecting the wires of additional devices for mounted TV (Programming or set up services are not included).
What do I need to do before my TV Wall Mounting appointment?

Please make sure to have the TV, it’s remote, and its power cord ready in the room where you want it mounted. If there are any objects or obstacles that would be in the way and blocking the technician’s access, please make sure to move them out of the way prior to the appointment.

Where should I get my TV Wall Mounted?

You can already have an idea of where and on which spot you want the TV mounted. Once the technician arrives, you can be assisted with better deciding the best spot for having your TV mounted. The technician can assist you with your decision by checking several factors such as the location of the outlet, the best location of the studs to have your TV mounted in the safest way, whether you want to be sitting, standing, or lying down when watching TV, etc.

Do I have the right type of walls Tv Wall Mounting Service

It's very important to determine the wall type while you're booking your service with us, for our technician to effectively mount the TV as per the wall type.

Before mounting the TV, the technician will check the mounting area for it's condition and studs. The technician will then discuss the circumstances with you. Additional costs or other considerations may apply if necessary.

Why do I need help mounting my flat-screen TV on the Wall?

Your TV can be delicate, heavy, and expensive, but our professional TV mount independent subcontractor can

assure you the safest installation and will find the perfect spot for your TV.

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Fixtman technician are all experienced even with the most complicated service. We’ve recruited the best technician around your area to give you the most help you need and ensure quality service. No more taking all the heavy work alone but instead you can have a peace of mind that Fixtman has your back from TV Wall Mounting up to upgrading to your Smart Home.

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