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Faucet/Toilet Installation Services

Don't settle for any old bathroom. Hire our experienced handymen and transform your space with our expert faucet and toilet installation service. Schedule your appointment today.
Faucet/Toilet Installation Services


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Handyman Toilet Installation and Faucet Replacement Services to Meet Your Needs

Nobody likes a leaky faucet or toilet. You can depend on our experts for the handyman toilet installation and faucet replacement service that will address these problems and more. With FixTman, there are no worries about improper installation. Our techs get the job done right the first time.

Bathroom Installation Services to Enhance Your Space

Regardless of brand, type or manufacturer, FixTman technicians have the expertise to quickly and efficiently complete your bathroom installation services. We handle all types of toilets, including pressure-assisted, comfort-height, gravity-fed, double-cyclone, dual-flush, one-piece, wall-hanging and two-piece models. You can rely on our independent subcontractors for the toilet or faucet replacement service you've been looking for.

What's Included With Our Faucet and Toilet Installation Service

Preinstallation consultation on placement Professional installation per manufacturer's instructions Post-installation testing Placing debris in the designated trash bin

Beyond Handyman Toilet Installation Services

FixTman technicians can help with so much more than handyman toilet installation projects. Our handyman services, you can take advantage of our:

Frequently Asked Questions About Toilet and Faucet Installation Services

Don't let the $390.9 million handyman market confuse you, FixTman is here with the information you need about your toilet or faucet installation service. Read the following questions for the answers you've been looking for.

How much does handyman toilet installation cost?

Our handyman toilet installation costs vary based on the project's complexity. You can always trust FixTman for fair, transparent pricing.

Do I need to supply any parts for my faucet or toilet installation service?

Yes, you must ensure you have the new toilet or faucet and all the necessary parts (like floor bolts, flanges and the wax ring, in the case of toilet installation). Once those are available, our technicians have all the tools required to complete the project.

Can the installation be completed if parts are missing or broken?

If parts are broken or missing, our protocol is for the technician to leave. The homeowner will be informed, and the installation will be rescheduled once the owner has the necessary parts.

Finding the Right Toilet

When choosing a new toilet, the variety of options available can be overwhelming. Each type has unique benefits and features, catering to different preferences and needs. Here's an in-depth look at the different types of toilets and what to consider when making your choice:
  • Pressure-Assisted Toilets:These toilets use a combination of water and compressed air to enhance flushing power. They are ideal for commercial settings or busy households due to their efficient and powerful flush. However, they can be noisier than other types and typically cost more.
  • Comfort-Height Toilets: Designed with a taller bowl, these toilets are about the same height as a standard chair, making them more comfortable for adults, especially older people or those with mobility issues. They are an excellent choice for universal design but might be less suitable for homes with small children.
  • Gravity-Fed Toilets: The most common and traditional type, these rely on the natural force of gravity to flush waste. They are usually quieter and have fewer mechanical parts, making them easier to maintain and more reliable. However, their flushing power might be less forceful compared to pressure-assisted models.
  • Double-Cyclone Toilets: These toilets use two powerful nozzles (instead of rim holes) with a propulsion system for a more efficient and thorough flush. They are great for water conservation and often have a sleek design, but they might be on the higher end of the price spectrum.
  • Dual-Flush Toilets: These offer two flushing options: a full flush for solid waste and a lower volume flush for liquid waste. Dual-flush toilets are an excellent choice for water conservation. However, users must be mindful of using the appropriate flush option to maintain effectiveness.
  • One-Piece Toilets: These toilets combine the tank and bowl into a single, seamless unit. They are easier to clean due to the lack of crevices and offer a modern, sleek appearance. However, they are generally more expensive and can be heavier to install.
  • Wall-Hanging Toilets: These toilets are mounted on the wall, with the tank hidden inside the wall. They are great for saving space and easy floor cleaning but require a thicker wall to accommodate the tank and might be more challenging to install.
  • Two-Piece Toilets: The most traditional and commonly found type, these toilets have a separate tank and bowl. They are generally more affordable and easier to handle during installation. However, the seam between the tank and bowl can collect grime and requires careful cleaning.
When choosing a toilet, consider the following factors:
  • Space and Layout: Measure your bathroom space to ensure the toilet you choose fits comfortably. Wall-hanging and one-piece toilets are ideal for smaller spaces, while comfort-height toilets need more room.
  • Water Efficiency: To save on water bills and support environmental sustainability, look for toilets with a WaterSense label, like dual-flush or double-cyclone models.
  • Flushing System: The choice between gravity-fed, pressure-assisted or double-cyclone depends on your preference for noise level, water efficiency and flushing power.
  • Ease of Cleaning: One-piece and wall-hanging toilets offer easier cleaning with fewOne-piece and wall-hanging toilets offer easier cleaning with fewer crevices, but they might be more expensive.er crevices, but they might be more expensive.
  • Budget: Prices vary widely among different types of toilets. Determine your budget and find a toilet that offers the best blend of features within your price range.
  • Style and Comfort: Consider the toilet's height, shape and design to match your bathroom's aesthetic and your comfort preferences.
  • Installation Requirements: Some toilets, like wall-hanging models, may require more complex installation and plumbing work. A FixTman professional can manage any toilet installation.
Ultimately, the best toilet for your home depends on your specific needs, preferences and bathroom characteristics. Take the time to research and weigh your options to find the perfect fit. Whatever your choice, A FixTman technician is ready to help with expert toilet installation services.

Why Go With FixTman for Your Faucet and Toilet Installation Service?

Choosing FixTman for your faucet and toilet installation service is like inviting a friend over who just happens to be an expert in bathroom fittings. Our approach is all about blending top-notch skills with friendly service.

We understand that installing a new faucet or toilet is more than just a technical task; it's part of turning your house into a home. That's why our team, known for its professionalism, ensures each installation is performed with a commitment to your comfort and a keen eye for detail. When you hire FixTman for your toilet or faucet installation service, you get:

Technicians With Proven Track Records

Customer Support Around the Clock

Reasonable, Fair Pricing

30-Day Service Warranty Guaranteed

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Choose FixTman for Your Faucet and Toilet Installation Service

Contact FixTman today for expert faucet and toilet installation services. Take advantage of our skilled team's professionalism and expertise and transform your bathroom into a haven of comfort and style. Your bathroom updates are just a few clicks away with FixTman!

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