Build A Gym At Home

Our professional technicians are experienced with most fitness brand equipment and will not only make your life easier from assembling to repairing gym equipment but instead give you a peace of mind that your equipment is setup properly with safety and backed by a service warranty if issues occur. With thousands of assembling, disassembling completed, now you can easily have your own gym setup at the comfort of your home. From installing Power Racks, Treadmills, Elliptical and to any overwhelming fitness equipment. FixTman Tech is definitely your guy!

Fitness Equipment Assembly
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Assembly of the equipment on the location Professional assembly Following manufacturer's instructions for proper assembly Discarding trash in the property's designated trash bin Cleaning up the work area after assembly/disassembly Inspection of the assembled equipment for quality control and safety measures Testing the assembled equipment for optimal performance

You Asked, We Answered

What’s included in the service of fitness equipment assembly?
  1. Assembly of the equipment
  2. Make it running/working
Is the price of the commercial equipment service the same as residential?

No, there is a slight difference. The commercial fitness equipment service is a bit higher than the residential ones.

Would the technician do moving as well?

No, the technician doesn’t move the item.

Would I be required to assist?
  1. You might be required to assist the tech while assembling a few larger parts for a few minutes other than that, no.
  2. In case you need two technicians for the job you can let your sales representative know. 

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Why Hire FixTman?

Fixtman technician are all experienced even with the most complicated service. We’ve recruited the best technician around your area to give you the most help you need and ensure quality service. No more taking all the heavy work alone but instead you can have a peace of mind that Fixtman has your back from TV Wall Mounting up to upgrading to your Smart Home.

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